IRS announced an update to the Form 14457, Voluntary Disclosure Practice Preclearance Request and Application, on 2/15/2022. The purpose of Form 14457 is providing a protection from potential criminal tax and tax-related prosecution by voluntarily reporting tax related information which taxpayers previously did not disclose purposely or in reckless disregard.

This recent update of Form 14457 includes an expanded section for reporting virtual currency. Thus, taxpayers who did not previously report virtual currency are able to make disclosure using this form and able to avoid potential criminal prosecution for willful violation of tax law. Taxpayers can also disclose other tax issues that they failed to previously disclose such as Estate & Gift tax or Employment tax. This form consists of two parts; Part I is to make a preclearance request to determine whether taxpayer is eligible to use this Form. After the taxpayer receives written confirmation of preclearance, the person can submit Part II to request preliminary acceptance.

For additional detail, please see IR-2022-33.

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